How to make coloured epoxy resin and how to use it on woods

Coloured Epoxy Resin

These days a lot of ‘star glowing in the dark’ pattern tables are trending in the market. These patterns are not only attractive but unique. However, the technique to make them is quite simple. People make these colourful smooth flow designs with the help of coloured epoxy resin. The product made from coloured epoxy is exclusive and expensive. With a simple DIY epoxy resin, you can make these products at home. Coloured Epoxy Resin works best with wood material. That is why there are so many coloured epoxy resin wood furniture trending in the market. 

So, if you want to make beautiful coloured epoxy resin wood table, we are here to guide you. Read below and learn how to make coloured epoxy resin and how you can use it on the wood.   

How to Make Coloured Epoxy Resin

Let’s start with the making of coloured epoxy resin. Before you buy or start the procedure, you need to take care of a few things. 

First of all, for excellent results, you should choose the best clear epoxy resin which can dry clear. The packaging will have some kind not, which will indicate the nature of the resin. This property of the epoxy resin brings a more beautiful tint of colour. Now when it comes to adding colour, remember that epoxy can leave a yellowish tint after setting.  Therefore, it is important to remember that some colours may change a little after mixing with white epoxy resin. To be sure about the shade, mix some in a separate bowl first. This will help you choose what pigment you want to go with. Don’t add too much pigment in the small boxes; three drops of pigment are more than enough for a try.  

After the trial and error method, here are the steps to make coloured epoxy resin glue. 

The Process of Adding Colour

Step 1: First, you need to mix the resin. Before using the white epoxy resinensure to mix it with a hardening agent. Remember, you will do it before adding any colour. The ration in which you need to mix would be on the packaging. Make sure you wear glasses to protect your eyes. 

Step 2: Many DIY epoxy resin starts from this step. Emit a small volume of resin into a one fluid ounce (30 mL) stirring cup. As mentioned before, testing is essential. 

Step 3: Add your pigment in a comparison of 2%-6% of the mixture’s weight. To stir the mix while adding the colour, you can use a toothpick or a stick. To make sure you have not added more than 2-6 percent of your epoxy resin pigment, you can use a digital scale. Make sure you do not exceed more than 6 percent. It is a delicate chemical process which can be ruined with a minor mistake in proportion. 

Step 4: Mix for about 1 minute, be sure there are no foams in the compound. Also, ensure that your epoxy resin pigment blends perfectly into your resin. This will assure the quality of the new colour you want to make. 

Step 5: Fix the volume of pigment powder with white epoxy resin to get the desired colour.  

So this was just the process of colouring white resin epoxy, now let’s get to the fun part. Read further to find out how you can apply coloured epoxy resin on wood.  

How to use Coloured Epoxy Resin?

Even though there is moisture in wood, the epoxy resin glue does not react negatively with it. That is why it is considered to be an ideal choice for a wood inlay. It gives the wood a high-gloss finish and makes it durable as well. Moreover, epoxy resin glue is an excellent inlay element. One can experiment with it by creating beautiful patterns without the worry of any geometric fit matching.  Instead of designing and painting with measurements pour the coloured epoxy resin. Even without any planning of design, it can give you beautiful results. Plus, one gets to have an infinite choice of colours, and the resin can be as translucent or opaque 

Step 1: Use a sander to remove any inconsistent surface on the wood where you want to apply the colored epoxy resin. This is something most DIY epoxy resin will not tell you. It is essential to clean the wood from any dust particles also. 

Step 2: While applying colored epoxy resin, it should never drip. Otherwise, it will ruin the smooth flow and consistency. To prevent dripping, use a wooden piece or painters tape around the corner of the top. 

Step 3: Apply the first coat by dropping some mixture in the center and paint the surface area lightly and smoothly. This coat will act an initial seal for wood surface. The air bubbles are likely to appear in this procedure but don’t worry. They will settle on their own

Step 4: Let the first quote dry completely. After that, you can apply as many quotes as you want to solidify the texture. 

Some Creative Ideas

Sometimes, even the best clear epoxy resin is not enough; you need to get more creative. If you feel that you want to do more, you can add a photograph before applying the coats. You can also carve shapes and stuff them with various colored epoxy resins to form attractive designs as well. This needs some crucial planning for how to execute stuff. 

Then, impale them to the wooden surface by applying epoxy resin glue. Once the glue dries out, you can apply another coat of your colored epoxy resin. But painting the whole surface isn’t necessary at all. People make beautiful wooden pieces with coloured epoxy resin by filling the cracks and dents in the surface.

Some Necessary Precautions

Using coloured epoxy resin is fun, but one needs to take precaution to save themselves from any chemical harm. Use gloves before touching epoxy resin glue or the hardening agent. Cover your eyes and keep the room ventilated. 

Now that you know how to make coloured epoxy resin along with some creative ideas and precautions, we hope you would be able to use it wisely.