How To Make Pressed Flower Art?

You can use pressed flowers to create remarkable object d’art like jewelry, bookmarks, phone cases, wall art, and more. You can either prepare dried flowers by yourself or buy wholesale dried flowers from local retail stores or online marketplaces. Let’s begin with how to create some of the popular objects using pressed flowers to make them look more unique and creative.

How to make pressed flower jewelry?

To own some exclusive jewelry, you can go for DIY dried flower jewelry. Here is a list of materials needed for DIY dried flower jewelry project:

● EnviroTex Jewelry Resin
● Measuring cups (plastic)
● Jewelry Molds
● Dried and pressed hydrangea flowers (if you do not own them, you can buy wholesale dried flowers online)
● Wooden craft sticks, Gloves, paper towels, toothpicks, small paintbrush, straws
● Pendant bails

Steps for DIY dried flower jewelry

1. First, check the size of the hydrangeas to make sure they fit inside the jewelry mold.

2. Then read the instructions on the EnviroTex Jewelry Resin packaging. Mix equal amounts of Resin and Hardener into one measuring cup and stir it for 2 minutes with a stick while also scraping the sides of the cup. Then take the mixture into another measuring cup and stir for another minute.

3. Now pour a small amount of resin mixture into the jewelry mold and place and arrange the hydrangeas into the poured resin and pour another layer of resin over the fillers if you need to. Check for bubbles and remove them using a toothpick if necessary.

4. Cover them to save them from dust and after about 25 minutes, check for bubbles on the surface and remove them by lightly blowing through a straw. Do it again later if necessary. Then keep the pieces covered overnight.

5. Then remove them from jewelry mold and add a pendant bail to the top of each piece. And your pressed flower jewelry is ready.

How to make dried flower bookmarks?

1. To make pressed flower bookmarks, you need to get various leaves, grasses, herbs, flowers and if you want, add seeds to the list. If you collect these items on a dry sunny afternoon, there would be very little moisture in these items. Moisture can cause problems during the pressing. By choosing various varieties and patterns, it would be easier to pick the flowers and leaves that would retain their color after pressing.

2. Once you have collected your list of flowers and leaves, you can press them using something practical such as a heavy phone book. Press them immediately after collecting. Just place a tissue paper on a page inside the phone book and put the leaves and flowers on it so that they do not overlap. Place another tissue on them and close the book. Then place something heavier on the book. Keep it that way for at least 2–3 weeks. Continue checking and keep them that way until they have dried nicely.

3. To create pressed flower bookmarks, choosing a nice, firm, and acid-free cardstock. There are many varieties available to choose from. Ensure, card stock is cut into the right size (1-2 inches wide and 8.5 inches high for practical use) before you begin to position leaves and petals.

4. Now create a design from the pressed leaves and petals you have with you. Arrange for them to create your desired design. Use your imagination to create beautiful patterns through the length of the bookmark.

5. Now use glue to stick your design on the cardstock. You can use a small knife or toothpick to apply the glue behind every pressed leaf and petal and place them where you want them in your design on cardstock. Finish the work and wait for the glue to dry. Then place the bookmarks between two pieces of parchment and place phone book on top of them and then add something heavier like bricks on them.

6. Then laminate your artwork and make sure there are no bubbles when you are laminating. Now cut your bookmarks apart in a straight line to give them a neat look. Next, make a hole in the top and insert a ribbon to finish your bookmark.

How to make pressed flower pictures?

1. First collect your materials including pressed flowers, a wooden picture frame, glue or adhesive, paper (including parchment or cardstock, etc.), scissors, tweezers, toothpicks, small bowl, scale, and pencil.

2. Remove the back cover and the glass of your Picture Frame. Then cut a piece of paper in the size that will fit inside the picture frame. You will be gluing the pressed flowers on that paper. After removing the back of the frame, measure its size using the scale and draw these dimensions on paper using a pencil. Then cut the paper using scissors.

3. Now think of creative design or pattern with the pressed flowers that you want to put in your picture frame. Then place the pattern over your frame using tweezers. Don’t glue them yet or you won’t be able to change them.

4. Then paste your design to your paper. You can pour a small amount of glue in a bowl for convenience and then, with a toothpick, apply it under the pressed flowers to stick them to the paper. Put some pressure when you glue the flowers to your paper and allow them to dry for an hour or so.

5. Once your art is completely dry, fit it inside your picture frame and then attach your frame mirror, and back stand.

How to make pressed flower cards?

1. Get materials including different types of flowers and leaves, three pieces of cardstock, marker pen, scissors, glue, paint brush, tweezers, parchment paper, heavy books, pencils, and jar template.

2. First press your flowers by placing them on parchment and then place them in between a large book and then close the book shut. Then place more weight on it. set it aside for a few days until the flowers are dried and pressed.

3. Now cut the cardstock into cards in whatever dimensions you prefer and then fold them into half. Make sure there are no creases when folding the card.

4. Now pick the dried flowers from the parchment paper with tweezers with gentle hands. Then place the pressed flowers on a scrap piece of paper in whatever design you want. Then use a paintbrush to apply some glue behind each piece properly.

5. Then wrap the card in a tissue paper and tie twine around it with a cute bow and you are done.

How to make a dried flower phone case?

1. To create a pressed flower phone case to collect flowers and leaves. Then press and dry them properly. Allow them to dry and press for at least 2 weeks or more.

2. Then collect the rest of the materials including vinyl glue, water, small brush, and clear phone case.

3. Ensure that inside of the phone case is spotless and dry. Then add glue and water in equal ratio.

4. Now take your pressed flowers and leaves and position them in a design of your choice on the inside of the phone case and take a picture to remember the pattern.

5. Take apply some glue mixture behind the petals and leaves using a brush. Then fix them on the phone case. Leave them to dry.

6. Then start applying top coats at least 2-3 times for creating a thick layer on the parts where the flowers and leaves are, to keep them in place. Let each coat dry before applying another.

7. Let them dry and your pressed flower phone case is ready.