Silicone Molds

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Resin Silicone molds for Craft Diy

The silicone molds module includes two parts: non exclusive molds and mold maker.

Non exclusive molds includes jewelry, geometric, animals, home & living, holidays and everything else.these resin molds have classic designs, shapes of molds are very practical.

In mold maker parts , we can offer the products according to customers special requirements. Our molds made of high-quality silicone, it’s flexible, durable and easy to remove. Easy to use and clean , only need to twist the mold pop the resin, you can easily demold the jewelry. Wipe with alcohol to clean the mold.

Silicone molds are used for creating resin pieces. They are flexible, durable and reusable. Silicone molding has been used for a variety of purposes from culinary to bath and body products, home decorating and more.

Our Silicone Molds are ideal for resin, polyurethane and wax crafts. These silicone molds are flexible, easy to use and produce amazing detail in the finished product. Each mold is individually packaged and comes with instructions on how to use and store.