clear epoxy resin

What is 2+4?

Clear epoxy resin has revolutionized the world of art and craft, providing artists and creators with a versatile and highly practical medium to work with. Our premium quality clear epoxy resin is designed to provide professional-level results to creators ranging from hobbyists to experienced artisans.

Our clear epoxy resin is formulated to be easy to use and quick to cure, providing high-gloss, crystal-clear results every time. The resin is self-leveling, allowing for a smooth, even surface that’s free of air bubbles and other imperfections. This provides a stunning, glass-like finish that enhances the overall beauty and clarity of your creations.

Our clear epoxy resin is perfect for an array of art and craft applications, including jewelry-making, paperweights, and other decorative objects. The resin is highly durable, maintaining its clarity and shine over extended periods. It is also resistant to yellowing and UV damage, making it perfect for outdoor projects or items that will be exposed to sunlight.

Our products is straightforward to customize, allowing creators to add dyes, pigments, and other additives to create unique color and texture effects. The resin is entirely compatible with most coloring agents, allowing you to unleash your creativity without restrictions.

Our products comes equipped with all essential components for easy mixing and use. The hardener, measuring cup, and stir stick are included, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the mixing process. The product cures quickly, allowing you to enjoy your finished creations in no time.

Our products comes in airtight containers, preventing it from drying out and maintaining its quality and consistency over time. The compact size of the containers makes it easy to store, taking up less space in your workshop or studio.

Experience the clarity and versatility of our premium quality clear epoxy resin today and take your art and craft creations to the next level. Create stunning pieces that will last for years and showcase your talent and creativity to the world.