Real Flower Resin Kit

What is 2+4?

The Real Flower Resin Kit is a curated collection that allows artists and crafters to merge the timeless beauty of real flowers with the captivating medium of resin. This thoughtfully designed kit provides both beginners and seasoned artisans with the tools and materials needed to encapsulate the delicate elegance of real blooms in stunning resin creations.

Key Features of the Real Flower Resin Kit

  1. Premium Resin Formulation: The kit features a high-quality resin formulation that not only provides clarity. But also preserves the natural colors and intricate details of real flowers. This ensures a transparent and glossy finish that enhances the visual impact of the floral arrangements.
  2. Handpicked Selection of Real Flowers: A carefully chosen assortment of real, dried flowers is included in the kit. These blooms are meticulously selected for their aesthetic appeal. And enabling crafters to create art that encapsulates the essence of nature. Each real flower is ready to be arranged and preserved in resin.
  3. Versatile Molds and Bezels: Diverse molds and bezels are provided to accommodate various artistic preferences. Crafters can experiment with different shapes and sizes, allowing for the creation of personalized pendants, earrings. Or resin-covered decorative items that showcase the beauty of real flowers.
  4. Inclusive Crafting Tools: The kit is equipped with essential tools such as measuring cups, stirring sticks.  And a torch for eliminating air bubbles during the curing process. These tools ensure a smooth and enjoyable crafting experience, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter.
  5. User-Friendly Instructions: Clear and detailed instructions guide users through the process of arranging real flowers, mixing and pouring resin, and achieving optimal curing results. This step-by-step guide is tailored for individuals of all skill levels, ensuring a successful and gratifying creative journey.