Silicone Molds

What is 5+4?

Silicone molds offer a multitude of benefits that make them highly sought after. Firstly, their flexibility allows for easy release of the finished product. Unlike traditional rigid molds, silicone molds can be gently bent or flexed, allowing you to effortlessly remove sculptures, candles, chocolates, and various other creations. No more struggling to release delicate or intricate designs!

The non-stick nature of silicone molds is another standout feature. The smooth and slick surface of silicone prevents materials from sticking, ensuring that every detail of your craft or baked good is faithfully replicated. Whether you’re working with clay, resin, soap, or cake batter, silicone molds provide a hassle-free demolding experience, saving you time and avoiding frustration.

Our molds are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They can withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for both crafting and baking. Whether you’re molding hot wax for candles or baking a cake in the oven, silicone molds can handle the heat without warping or deteriorating. This durability ensures that your molds will accompany you on your creative journey for a long time.

The versatility of silicone molds is truly remarkable. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, these molds allow your imagination to run wild. From intricate flower patterns to geometric designs, there’s a silicone mold to suit every project. They are perfect for creating homemade chocolates, adorable resin keychains, soap bars with unique shapes, or even homemade candles that elevate the ambiance of your space.

Cleaning silicone mold is a breeze. Unlike other types of molds that require meticulous scrubbing or soaking, our molds can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water. The non-porous surface of silicone prevents residue from clinging to the mold, ensuring quick and effortless cleanup. Alternatively, they can also be safely placed in the dishwasher for added convenience.