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UV Resin is a kind of polymer thermal adhesive based on urethane uv resin. It has a strong adhesion, heat resistance and aging resistance, high weatherability, high strength, etc. It used for UV protection reactive machine molding plastics plate, wall decoration plate.

UV resin refers to the resin that is used for curing uv light. This product is a kind of special oil and rubber, after mixing with special initiator system, it can be cured with uv light.

UV resin is a new kind of material for gluing and bonding. The biggest advantage of UV resin is that it can be applied to various kinds of materials. In the market, it has become a useful plastic repair material in recent years.

  • Safe – We are a professional resin manufacturer with complete product quality and safety certifications.
  • Ultra-high hardness – Other products on the market can only reach D60-D70 in hardness, but after our improvement, the hardness of this product after curing can reach D80.
  • New upgrade formula – Our new UV glue provides excellent scratch resistant, stain resistance, yellowing resistance, low shrinkage and high transparency. Few products can achieve this feature of “not yellowing” at present, but our new resin can.
  • Ultraviolet Fast Curing – No mixing like AB resin which needs long curing times,UV resin can Instantly cure hard in minutes with UV light or uv resin-1cheap uv resin-2

Despite its affordable price, our UV Resin does not compromise on safety. It is made with non-toxic materials and is odor-free, ensuring a safe and pleasant crafting experience. You can work with peace of mind, knowing that our resin is both safe to use and suitable for a variety of projects.

Creating with our Cheap UV Resin is quick and easy. Simply mix equal parts resin and hardener, and then apply it to your chosen molds or surfaces using a brush or dropper. The self-leveling properties of the resin ensure a smooth application with minimal effort. Once you’re satisfied with your design, cure the resin using a UV lamp or natural sunlight, ensuring a quick curing process.