Colored UV Resin 24 Candy For Jewelry Making

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Colored UV Resin 24 Candy For Jewelry Making

Colored UV resin refers to ultraviolet-curable resin that has been pre-tinted or infused with pigments or dyes to produce a specific color or a range of colors. This type of resin offers a wide array of hues, from vibrant and bold to subtle and pastel shades, allowing for creative and customized applications.

The availability of colored UV resins in a diverse range of colors simplifies the crafting process by providing ready-to-use pigmented materials. This versatility allows creators to experiment with different colors and hues, adding vibrancy and depth to their designs or products.

Including light yellow ,light pink ,dark pink ,light teal ,aqua mint ,apple green ,yellow green ,gray green ,red ,rose   red ,light purple ,purple ,violet ,light blue ,royal blue ,sky blue ,yellow ,dark green ,orange ,gold ,silver ,black ,white   , brown.

  • EASY TO USE : The special designed nozzle can help you control the amount easily,squeeze and draw directly from the fine nozzle to create your favorite pattern easily.No need measuring and mixing like AB resin.
  • SAFETY :Our resin colors pigment made of high-quality environmentally friendly material,are non-toxic, no harsh chemicals.There is no strong odor before curing,and it will disappear after curing.
  • WIDE USE :These resin pigments can be widely used on resin jewelry and crafts decorations,jewelry making, garment accessories,or other DIY making.But not for the large projects.
  • PERPECT GIFTS: It will become an amazing resin craft!Perfect gifts for family members,friends and resin DIY lovers!
  • APPLICATIONS: Colored UV resin finds applications in various fields such as jewelry making, art and crafts, 3D printing, and prototyping, enabling artisans and manufacturers to add color and visual appeal to their creations.
  • UV CURING PROPERTIES: Colored UV resin solidifies quickly under UV light exposure, just like clear resin, transforming from a liquid or gel-like state into a solid, colored material within a short timeframe.


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