Epoxy Resin Pigment Liquid | Resin Morandi Pigment Kit

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Product Description

The Introduction of Epoxy Resin Pigment

This is our new epoxy resin pigment, liquid 24 colors set. Features in high transparency and strong coloring, good stability and fastness, suitable for DIY cosmetic kit, to make glitter solid color lip balm, colorful glitter case diy kit mug coaster molds etc.

New formula, liquid type dyes. This can prevent your epoxies from getting yellow/black. 24 colors resin pigment with good coloring effect and wide range of uses. The Resin pigment has been carefully selected by selecting the highest concentration pigment, which has a strong tinting strength and good dispersibility, giving you true color and long-lasting saturation.

  • MULTIPLE COLOR: 24 colors are carefully selected .
  • EASY TO USE: The special designed nozzle can help you control the amount easily .
  • HIGH CONCENTRATION: Just a drop and you will be shocked by the strong dyeing effect.
  • SAFETY : Non-toxic, not harsh .
  • WIDE USE:  Be used on resin jewelry and crafts decorations, jewelry making, garment accessories, or other DIY making.

The Advantages of Epoxy Resin Pigment

  1. Vivid and Vibrant Colors: Epoxy resin pigments offer a wide spectrum of intense and vivid colors. They add brightness and vibrancy to resin projects, allowing creators to achieve eye-catching and appealing colorations.
  2. High Concentration: These pigments are highly concentrated, requiring only a small amount to achieve rich and vibrant colors in resin projects. This concentration ensures that a little pigment goes a long way, providing cost-effectiveness.
  3. Ease of Use: Epoxy resin pigments are user-friendly and easy to incorporate into resin. They seamlessly blend into the resin without affecting its curing properties, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced artists.
  4. Customization Options: Artists and creators have the flexibility to create custom colors by mixing different pigments or adjusting the pigment-to-resin ratio. This allows for endless color variations and personalized effects.


Epoxy resin pigments provide vivid colors, ease of use, customization options, compatibility, versatility, and color stability, making them indispensable tools for artists and creators seeking to enhance their resin-based projects with vibrant and captivating colors.

Epoxy Resin PigmentEpoxy Resin PigmentEpoxy Resin Pigment

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