Dropping Pipette – Disposable Plastic Transfer Pipettes – 0.2/2ml

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Product Description

A Dropping Pipette, also known as a dropper or pipet, is a laboratory tool designed for the precise and controlled dispensing of liquids. It consists of a narrow tube with a tapered or pointed tip, allowing users to transfer small volumes of liquids drop by drop. Dropping Pipettes are widely used in various scientific, medical, and industrial applications where accurate liquid handling is essential.

The Features 

  1. Calibrated Volume Control: Many Dropping Pipettes are calibrated to allow users to measure and dispense specific volumes accurately. This is particularly important in applications such as chemistry experiments, medical testing. Or any situation where precise quantities of liquids are required.
  2. Glass or Plastic Construction: Dropping Pipettes are available in both glass and plastic variants. Glass pipettes are often preferred for their chemical resistance and durability. While plastic pipettes are lightweight and disposable, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  3. Bulb or Squeeze Mechanism: Some Dropping Pipettes feature a bulb at one end that users squeeze to create a vacuum, drawing liquid into the pipette. Others may have a squeeze mechanism along the length of the pipette for controlled dispensing.
  4. Disposable or Reusable Options: Depending on the application, Dropping Pipettes may be disposable or reusable. Disposable pipettes are often preferred in situations where sterility is crucial, while reusable pipettes are suitable for applications where thorough cleaning and autoclaving are possible.
  5. Applications: Dropping Pipettes find use in various fields such as chemistry, biology, medicine, and industry. They are commonly employed in laboratory experiments, medical diagnostics, and the precise dispensing of reagents or samples.
  6. Variety of Tip Designs: The tips of Dropping Pipettes come in various designs, including straight, bent, or angled tips, to accommodate different types of containers and facilitate accurate dispensing.

Dropping Pipette – Disposable Plastic Transfer Pipettes – 0.2/2ml

✿High quality✿
✿Volume: 0.2ml , 2ml
✿Item Material:Polyethylene; Color: Clear
✿Soft, pliable and easy to use,these pipettes could save your time when mixing your fragrances
✿Polyethylene material made, precise graduated liquid transfer pipettes

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