Epoxy Resin Art Kit Wholesale With Dried Flower

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Epoxy Resin Art Kit Wholesale With Dried Flower

Our Epoxy Resin Art Kit is a fun craft project that provides unlimited creative opportunities. Create beautiful flowers and embellishments for DIY craft projects.

The kit comes with everything you need to create your own epoxy art. The package includes a guide for inspiration and instructions on how to create beautiful floral designs using only the included materials.

Resin Coaster Making Art Kit– Contains 5 packs of dried flowers,8oz 1:1 AB Resin, Coaster Silicone Molds, 5 Wood Stir Sticks,100ML Silicone Measuring Cups, 10 Dropping Pipett,2 PETC Disposable Gloves, B6000 Glue, Tweezer, Sticker.

They are easy to use and can help you finish your resin art creation very well.
It is convenient to obtain materials, neatly placed, durable, and easy to carry. It is a good gift and for resin crafts lovers and a favorite choice.
Unlimited Creative Space- Great for friends interaction, parent-child time!

Epoxy Resin Art Kit

This dried flower resin set is a fantastic creation tool set designed specifically for those who seek artistic beauty. It brings together an array of carefully selected tools and materials that allow you to easily create stunning dried flower resin artwork.

High quality epoxy resins are included in this package to provide a strong and transparent base for creation. At the same time, a wide variety of dried flowers and ornaments provide you with a wide variety of choices, giving you the freedom to design works full of vitality and beauty.

In addition to the main materials, the package also includes mixing tools and containers for mixing resins and flowers, as well as safety gloves and masks to ensure your safety during the creative process.

Epoxy Resin Art KitEpoxy Resin Art KitEpoxy Resin Art Kit

Whether you’re just starting out with dried flower resin art or a professional artist looking to explore more creative possibilities, this package provides you with the support and tools you need to make your creative journey more enjoyable and inspiring. From creating unique decorations to personalized artwork, this package helps you bring your ideas to life and create amazing pieces.

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