Epoxy Resin Pigments -24 groups 6 colors pigments

✿ MULTIPLE COLOR : 24 groups are carefully selected .

✿EASY TO USE : The special designed nozzle can help you control the amount easily .

✿HIGH CONCENTRATION : Just a drop and you will be shocked by the strong dyeing effect.

✿SAFETY : Non-toxic, no harsh .

✿WIDE USE :  Be used on resin jewelry and crafts decorations, jewelry making, garment accessories, or other DIY making.

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Product Description

Epoxy resin pigments refer to a specialized colorant designed for use with epoxy resin, enhancing its visual appeal by imparting vibrant, custom colors to various projects. These pigments come in a diverse range of hues and formulations, catering to the needs of resin artists and craftsmen seeking to create unique, colorful resin-based items.

The characteristics and features of epoxy resin pigments

  1. High Concentration: Epoxy resin pigment are highly concentrated colorants, requiring only a small amount to achieve intense and vivid colors in resin projects. This concentration ensures vibrant hues without compromising the resin’s curing properties.
  2. Versatility: Available in a wide spectrum of colors, including primary tones, metallics, pastels, fluorescents, and translucent shades, these pigments offer versatility, allowing creators to achieve a broad range of color variations and effects.
  3. Ease of Use: These pigments are user-friendly and easily mixable with epoxy resin. They seamlessly blend into the resin without affecting its curing process, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced resin artists.
  4. Customization Options: Epoxy resin pigment offer the flexibility to create custom colors by blending different pigments or adjusting the pigment-to-resin ratio, enabling artists to unleash their creativity and achieve desired color palettes.
  5. Compatibility: Formulated specifically for use with epoxy resin, these pigments ensure compatibility with various types of epoxy resin formulations. They deliver consistent and reliable results across different resin brands and types.
  6. Wide Application: Epoxy resin pigment find application in a variety of artistic and crafting endeavors, including resin art, jewelry making, woodworking, DIY projects, and more, offering endless possibilities for creative expression.
  7. Color Stability: Once incorporated into epoxy resin, these pigment maintain their color stability over time, ensuring that the finished resin projects retain their vibrant hues and visual appeal.


Epoxy resin pigment are specialized colorants that elevate epoxy resin-based projects, offering high concentration, versatility, ease of use, customization options, compatibility, and color stability. These pigments empower artists and creators to add personalized and striking colors to their resin artworks and crafts.


Epoxy Resin PigmentsEpoxy Resin PigmentsEpoxy Resin Pigments

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