Graduated Mixing Cup Plastic Measuring Cups – 30ml,50ml,100ml

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Product Description

The Introduction 

Graduated Mixing Cup are specialized containers designed for precise measuring, mixing, and dispensing of liquid substances. These cups feature graduated markings along their sides, allowing users to accurately measure and mix different volumes of liquids for various applications. Crafted from materials such as plastic or polypropylene. These cups are commonly used in industries like automotive, painting, resin art, and laboratory settings where precise measurements are crucial.

Key features of Graduated Mixing Cup include the graduated scales or markings, which are typically displayed in units such as ounces, milliliters, or ratios. These markings provide a clear reference for users to measure and mix liquids with accuracy, ensuring the desired proportions are maintained.

The durable construction of Graduated Mixing Cup allows them to withstand the mixing process without compromising accuracy. The materials used are often resistant to chemicals, making the cups suitable for use with a wide range of substances. Including paints, adhesives, resins, and other liquids used in industrial and creative processes.

In summary, Graduated Mixing Cups are indispensable tools in industries and activities that demand precise liquid measurements and mixing. Their graduated markings, durability, and versatile design make them valuable for professionals and hobbyists alike. It enable accurate mixing for a wide range of applications.

Graduated Mixing Cups Plastic Measuring Cup – 30ml,50ml,100ml

✿Premium material: the graduated cup is made of high quality plastic, high strength, not easy to break, easy to clean and durable, safe and non-toxic; the stirring stick is made of food grade wood, safe and environmentally-friendly.
✿Use-friendly scale: cup is engraved with clear scale, easy to read, help you get accurate numbers.
✿Wide applications: ideal to be used in handmade crafts making, kitchen, painting, laboratory, make-up etc. Perfect tool for measuring and mixing resin, epoxy, stain, paint, ingredients, dispensing liquid, powder, portioning food, beverage and so on.
Graduated Mixing Cup
Graduated Mixing Cup
Graduated Mixing Cup
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Plastic Measuring Cup
Plastic Measuring Cups7
Plastic Measuring Cups8

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