Non Toxic UV Resin UV Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Transparent

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Product Description

Non Toxic UV Resin 250g UV Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Transparent

This 250g of non toxic UV resin is the perfect product for your special projects. Use this small amount of epoxy to create a clear protective coating over large or small objects, or use as a clear coat on finished products. Once cured, this product is smooth and crystal clear to allow you to admire your work.

Non-Toxic UV Resin is an impact resistant and high quality resin that offers a unique combination of high gloss and unmatched durability, while maintaining its clarity. It is easy to mix, with a relatively quick set time, which makes it perfect for those who are doing it themselves or using the resin in a DIY project.

[ Improved Formula ]Conventional UV Resin has an unpleasant smell , and odorless UV resin has always been the direction we are striving for . The latest and research products are odorless , making you feel more comfortable and more assured .

[ Safe & Superb Quality ]We are a professional resin manufacturer with complete product quality and safety certifications . Our new no odor UV resin provides excellent scratch resistant, stain resistance, yellowing resistance , low shrinkage and high transparency .

[ Convenient Efficient ]Our UV resin is ready to use , do not need to measure , mix the ratio or take long curing time like AB resin . The nozzle does great help to squeeze and inject the resin , you could just simply open and squeeze the UV resin out , easly for precise resin works like UV resin jewelry .

[ Multipurpose ]The clear UV resin can be used for jewelry making , crafts decorations , casting and coating , cast figurines and make resin paintings etc . It can also be mixed with mica powder , colorants , glitter to get colorful finishes .(Do not make the large projects).

[ Quality Service ] If you have any questions or issues regarding the Our UV resin , please feel free to get in touch with us . We’ll reply you within 24 hours , and offer you the best solution 

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