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Product Description

The Introduction 

Plastic Mixing Cups are versatile containers designed for accurately measuring, mixing, and dispensing various liquid substances. Crafted from durable plastic materials, these cups are widely used in industries. Such as automotive, painting, crafting, and resin art, where precise mixing ratios and easy cleanup are essential.

Key features of Plastic Mixing Cup include graduated markings on the sides, allowing users to measure and mix liquids with precision. The graduated scales typically come in different units, such as ounces, milliliters, or ratios, facilitating accurate measurements for different applications.

The plastic construction of these mixing cup makes them lightweight, yet sturdy enough to withstand the mixing process. The material is often resistant to chemicals, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of substances, including paints, adhesives, resins, and other liquids used in various industries.

Plastic Mixing Cups are designed for single-use or multiple-use, depending on the specific model and intended application. Disposable cups are convenient for minimizing cleanup efforts, while reusable cups may feature additional features like a smooth interior for easy pouring and mixing.

In summary, Plastic Mixing Cups are essential tools in industries and activities that involve precise liquid measurements and mixing. Their durable and versatile design makes them indispensable for achieving accurate ratios and ensuring efficient mixing processes in applications ranging from automotive repairs to artistic endeavors.

Disposable Flexible Clear Mini Plastic Mixing Cups – Use for Paint, Resin, Epoxy, Art, Jewelry Making Tools

✿Mixing Cup Color: Clear.
✿Non toxic and non pyrogenic, plastic material, reusable glue mixing cup.
✿Transparent silicone cups with tip nozzle designs with cup ears. It more convient and easy to use for mixing epoxy, resin, liquid, paint, and stain, etc.
✿Professional resin casting jewelry making cup tools, perfect for beginners or professionals for designing and creating individually.
✿The glue stained cup placed in a dry place, until the liquid natural glue curing, it can be easily peeled off.
Plastic Mixing Cups

Plastic Mixing Cups

mixing cups

mixing cups2 1

mixing cups2 2

mixing cups4

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