Platinum Silicone Rubber For Light Guide 1:1 17 oz Cure

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Product Description

Platinum Silicone Rubber For Light Guide 1:1 17 oz Cure

Platinum silicone rubber is a type of elastomer known for its excellent flexibility, durability, and heat resistance. It is a two-part liquid silicone compound consisting of a base and a curing agent, which, when combined, undergo a chemical reaction to create a solid, rubbery material.

PREMIUM MOLDS MAKING SILICONE MATERIAL: Our translucent liquid silicone for mold making are platinum-cured silicone, made by safe silicone material, non-toxic and no odor, very flexible, soft and clear. You could also mix mold making silicone rubber with mica powder to create new colors.
EASY MIXING & POURING: This silicone molds making kit includes part A and part B, the mix ratio is 1:1 by weight. Pour the Part A and Part B together, then stir the silicone rubber for 5 minutes, make sure to stir the liquid rubber mixture thoroughly for better results. The working time is 5 minutes at room temperature.
NO BUBBLES: The bubbles of liquid silicone will automatically disappear within 2 hours, no vacuum degassing is necessary. The working time of making mold kit is 5 minutes at room temperature and the complete cure time is at least 12 hours at room temperature, it varies on your mold size and thickness. If it’s s little sticky, please extend the curing time of silicone rubber
GREAT FOR BEGINNER: If you’re new to the mold making, this mold making kit is a perfect choice for you to try! No special skills or tools are needed. You could enjoy this fun and creative activity all day.
HOW to CLEAN: If there’s any spill, please clean with soapy water or rubbing alcohol.
WIDE APPLICATION: It’s very ideal for art craft use, DIY your own resin molds, wax molds, candle molds, soap molds, use to make silicone molds for resin casting, wax, candle,soap making, etc.

 Product Name  Platinum silicone rubber
 Product specifications  4OZ+4OZ;8.5OZ+8.5OZ;17OZ=17OZ
 Color  Clear
 Shelf life  24Months
 Glue ratio  A:B=1:1
 Sample  Support
Platinum Silicone Rubber
Platinum Silicone Rubber

Platinum Silicone Rubber