Preservative Flower Diy Resin Jewelry Crafts Making

✿Natural Pressed Flowers in Total✿
Made of Natural Pressed flowers and greenery, Dry Flowers Kit keeps the color, shape and scent as fresh herbs, they are suitable gifts for your family members or friends who are craft lovers, also large quantity flowers can be used to make meaningful crafts or home office decorations.
✿Beautiful colors & Nice Variety✿
Colorful various flowers are enough for scrapbooks decorations, resin supplies, resin fillers and epoxy molds such as combs, coasters, keychains, Handmade Jewelry, resin frame inside tiny flowers, Multi-used for daily like Soap, Bath Bombs, Candle Making Supplies, Phone Case DIY, Handmade Jewelry, Face Makeup, Nail Art, with vibrant colors (Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red, Orange) that will immediately highlight your creation.
✿Sealed Safely in Airtight Package✿
Vacuumed sealed package helps to prevent breakage or damage during shipping, and ensure that each flower was pack individuals flatten portable packages make you use dried flowers more convenient; the variety of flower species and colors is nice and the size worked well for dry flowers art project.
✿Kindness Notice✿
Due to the flexibility of the dried flowers, Please place it in the resin molds carefully, and do not place the flowers and leaves in direct sunlight, which will cause the colors to fade and become less vibrant.

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Product Description

The Introduction of Preservative Flower:

Preserved flowers(preservative flower diy), also known as stabilized or everlasting flowers, are natural blooms that have undergone a special preservation process to maintain their appearance, texture, and flexibility for an extended period. This innovative technique involves replacing the natural sap and moisture within the flowers with a solution made of glycerin and other plant-based substances.

 Item No  B-16
 Main Ingredient  Natural Dried Flowers
 Color  As Shown in the Picture
 Shelf life  24Months
 Applications  DIY Handmade, Flower Arrangement, Etc.
 Delivery time  3-10Days
 MOQ & Payment Method  10PCS & L/C,D/A,T/T,Paypal

The Steps of Preservative Flower Diy:

  1. Prepare the Solution: Mix one part glycerin with two parts water in a container. Ensure there’s enough solution to submerge the stems of your flowers.
  2. Trimming the Flowers: Cut the flower stems at an angle using pruning shears. The angled cut helps with water absorption.
  3. Submerge the Flowers: Place the flowers in the solution. If needed, use wire or string to secure them in an upright position. Adding small weights to the stems can help keep them submerged.
  4. Wait for Absorption: Allow the flowers to sit in the solution for several days to a week. The time required for absorption varies based on the flower type and size.
  5. Check Progress: Check the flowers regularly. You’ll notice the petals and stems absorbing the glycerin mixture, causing the flowers to change color and texture.
  6. Remove and Dry: Once the flowers have absorbed the solution adequately, remove them from the mixture. Gently pat them dry with paper towels to remove excess glycerin.
  7. Air Drying: Hang the flowers upside down in a dry, well-ventilated area to allow them to fully dry. This process helps maintain their shape and appearance.
  8. Display or Use: Once completely dried, your preserved flowers are ready to be displayed in arrangements, used in crafts, or incorporated into various DIY projects.

Preservative Flower Diy-1

Overall,creating preservative flower diy at home requires patience and experimentation, as different flower types may respond differently to the preservation process. Adjustments to the solution concentration and soaking duration may be necessary to achieve the desired results.

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