Resin Art Kits With Silicone Mold

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Resin Art Kits With Silicone Mold

The Epoxy Resin Art Kit is a great gift for any DIY lover, having all of the tools needed to create a beautiful and endless array of resin art pieces. Resin Art Kits includes everything you will need, from a silicone mold to paintbrushes and more.

Whether you’re an artist, crafter or DIY enthusiast, you’ll have a blast creating beautiful resin art with this epoxy resin art kit. Use the silicone mold to create your own unique jewelry or home decor items such as photo frames, pendants and more. Suitable for all ages, it’s perfect for teens, dads and moms alike.

Resin Coaster Pendant Ring Making Art Kit– Contains Pearl Chain*1 , Metal Ring*2 , Black Pendant Rope*1 , Keychain*1, White Color Paste*1, Gold Foil*1 , B6000 Glue*1, Wood Stir Sticks*5 , Dropping Pipett *10 , 50ML Silicone Measuring Cups*6 , Nail Polish Remover*1 , PETC Disposable Gloves*2 , Stickers*1 , Tweezer*1 , Mini Metal Ring*2 , Flower Sticker *1 , 2oz 1:1 AB Resin *1 , Silicone Molds*4 .

They are easy to use and can help you finish your resin art creation very well.
It is convenient to obtain materials, neatly placed, durable, and easy to carry. It is a good gift and for resin crafts lovers and a favorite choice.
Unlimited Creative Space- Great for friends interaction, parent-child time!

Our resin is specially formulated to produce stunning, high-gloss, and long-lasting effects that will leave a lasting impact. With an extensive range of colors and pigments, the possibilities are endless and you can create beautiful designs with amazing depth and texture. The kit provides everything you need to start your resin art journey, including easy-to-follow instructions, paintbrushes, and mixing tools.

Our Resin Art Kits provide a hassle-free experience as they are easy to use and have a quick curing time. This means no more endless hours of waiting for your artwork to be ready. Therefore, you can create art whenever inspiration strikes, and your final product will offer unbeatable clarity and durability.

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