Resin Kit With Molds | Silicone Resin Molds | Morandi pigment kits

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Resin Kit With Molds | Silicone Resin Molds | Morandi pigment kits

Our resin kit with molds is a great way to get started in making your own jewelry and art. With 2 resin kits, 3 silicone mold containers and 1 powder pigment kit all packaged in a travel friendly box you are ready to create. Our silicon molds come in two shapes: round or square for you to choose from.In Morandi’s Resin Kit With Molds, you’ll find easy-to-use silicone resin molds, which can be used with a variety of types of liquid resins to make your own decorative glass objects.

The jewelry mold starter kit is designed for beginners.The jewelry mold is very easy to clean and demold, this resin jewelry making kit is fully equipped with all the basic materials and accessories needed for resin jewelry making. You do not need to buy it separately.

Every jewelry resin lover wants their work to have vibrant colors, so our jewelry resin molds kit comes with a variety of different colors of resin pigments , very suitable for resin mold jewelry beginners or experienced enthusiast,the pigment in this resin mold starter kit can mix well with resin ,just a little bit can render to a nice colour on your finished product from jewelry mold, and provide more possibility on your silicone resin jewelry.

To avoid the problem of tear and adhesion of the epoxy resin jewelry mold, we adopt high quality silicone material to make this resin jewelry mold, which is firm and flexible, odorless and not deformed, ensure that the finished product you make through the jewelry silicone mold is smooth and tidy without a peculiar smell, to make you more convenient to use this resin jewelry making kit.

Resin Kit With MoldsResin Kit With MoldsResin Kit With MoldsResin Kit With Molds

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