Resin Pigment Liquid UV Epoxy Diy 40 Colors Candy

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Product Description

The Introduction of Resin Pigment Liquid

Resin Pigment Liquid UV Epoxy Diy 40 Candy Colors Candy Color Resin! This listing is for a bottled form of resin pigment powder. It can be mixed with epoxy resin to produce custom colors for your creations, or used for mixing watercolor paint pens. Mixing ratios vary by brand and hardness.

Are you planning to make artwork? Then, you will need this Resin Pigment Liquid UV Epoxy Diy 40 Candy Colors Candy Color. This resin has a super hard and durable polished surface after curing in a UV lamp for minutes.

  • MULTIPLE COLOR : 40 colors are carefully selected .
  • EASY TO USE : The special designed nozzle can help you control the amount easily .
  • HIGH CONCENTRATION : Just a drop and you will be shocked by the strong dyeing effect.
  • SAFETY : Non-toxic, no harsh .
  • WIDE USE : Be used on resin jewelry and crafts decorations, jewelry making, garment accessories, or other DIY making.
 Main Ingredient  Candy Pigment
 Color  40 Colors
 Shelf life  24Months
 Weight  10ml
 Sample  Support
 MOQ & Payment Method  10Set & L/C,D/A,T/T,Paypal

The Applications and Uses of Resin Pigment Liquid

  1. Resin Art: Resin pigment liquids are extensively utilized in resin art creations. Artists use these pigments to add vibrant colors, create captivating swirls, layers, or gradients, and produce visually stunning resin art pieces such as paintings, sculptures, and decorative items.
  2. Jewelry Making: Resin pigment liquids are popular in jewelry making. Crafters use them to tint resin for creating colorful pendants, earrings, bracelets, and other resin jewelry pieces, allowing for endless color combinations and unique designs.
  3. Woodworking and Inlays: Woodworkers incorporate resin pigments into epoxy resin for creating colorful inlays, filling cracks, or adding decorative touches to wooden surfaces, enhancing the visual appeal of furniture, tabletops, and wooden crafts.
  4. Crafts and DIY Projects: Hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts use resin pigment liquids in various crafting projects. They tint resin for creating colorful coasters, keychains, bookmarks, and other personalized crafts, allowing for creativity and customization.


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