UV Cure Resin 3d Cure 405nm Wholesale Custom

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UV Cure Resin 3d Cure 405nm Wholesale Custom

UV Cure Resin is a light sensitive resin that has properties similar to epoxy. It cures by means of exposure to ultraviolet light and becomes hard and rigid. This can be used as an alternative to polyurethane resin and other glue products. Comes in two types: Clear and Color Glow for darkening after curing.

UV Cure Resins 3d Cure 405nm Wholesale Custom Glowing in Dark For DIY Handmade Jewelry is a solid resin for jewel making and crafts. The UV light of this product makes it easy to make custom jewelry, key rings, charms and other decorative accessories.

It short for ultraviolet-curable resin, is a type of material that solidifies and hardens when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This resin typically consists of monomers, oligomers, photoinitiators, and other additives. When subjected to UV light, the photoinitiators within the resin undergo a photochemical reaction, initiating a polymerization process that causes the liquid or gel-like resin to quickly solidify into a solid form.

12 ong-lasting Luminous Formula Colors
12 colors luminous liquid 3d cure UV resins glowing in dark, 20ml,for a versatile use.
Obvious 3d Effect
Luminous liquid 3d cure UV resin brings thick and even coat, easy to create uniform lines with stunning 3D effects. Improved pen shape bottle/tube fits your hands well and is easy to be squeezed. They perform well on paper, glass, ceramic, wood, glass, plastic and more.
Always Vivid
When completely dried, this luminous liquid 3d cure UV resin will permanently stay on the painting surface with bright colors and 3D shades.
Safe For Use
Non-toxic and odorless, safe for both kids and adults.
Service Guarantee
Your satisfaction is our top priority, please rest assured to purchase our products. If you are not satisfied with our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

 Main Ingredient  3D UV Resin 
 Color  12 colors
 Shelf life  24Months
 Packing  20ml/pcs
 Sample  Support
 Features  Eco-friendly material,safety design

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