UV Hardening Resin, Hard UV Resin Glue China Supplier

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UV Hardening Resin, Hard UV Resin Glue China Supplier

Wholesale Hard UV Resin Glue China Supplier.  This is a new kind of fashioning crafts and decorative materials which can be used both water resistant, oil-resistant and moisture-proof after the glueing, it has several merits in the middle of hard PVC coating and normal glue;

Hard-UV Resin Glue is a high quality, solvent free liquid resin glue developed specifically for use in the production of hard/clear resin jewelry. It has powerful curing properties, excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates and is non-flammable and environmentally friendly.

  • [ Improved Formula ]Conventional UV Resin has an unpleasant smell , and odorless UV resin has always been the direction we are striving for . The latest and research products are odorless , making you feel more comfortable and more assured .
  • [ Safe & Superb Quality ]We are a professional resin manufacturer with complete product quality and safety certifications . Our new no odor UV resin provides excellent scratch resistant, stain resistance, yellowing resistance , low shrinkage and high transparency .
  • [ Convenient Efficient ]Our UV resin is ready to use , do not need to measure , mix the ratio or take long curing time like AB resin . The nozzle does great help to squeeze and inject the resin , you could just simply open and squeeze the UV resin out , easly for precise resin works like UV resin jewelry .
  • [ Multipurpose ]The clear UV resin can be used for jewelry making , crafts decorations , casting and coating , cast figurines and make resin paintings etc . It can also be mixed with mica powder , colorants , glitter to get colorful finishes .(Do not make the large projects).
  • [ Quality Service ] If you have any questions or issues regarding the Our UV resin , please feel free to get in touch with us . We’ll reply you within 24 hours , and offer you the best solution .