UV Resin and Light Kit With Flower Coaster Pendant

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UV Resin and Light Kit With Flower Coaster Pendant


This is the perfect kit for beginners and expert alike! Create beautiful pendants with the flower coaster pendant and UV resin that can be hung from almost anywhere. This kit comes complete with everything you need to get started, including a UV light, wood base, wood dowel rod with end caps, acrylic shadow box and more.

Resin Coaster Pendant Earrings Making Art Kit– Contains 2oz 1:1AB Resin * 1, Wood Stir Sticks*5  , Pearl Chain*2 , Burin*1 , White Color Paste*1 , Sticker*1 , Flower Sticker*1 , PETC Disposable Gloves*2 , Dropping Pipett*10 , Tweezer*1 ,  100ML Silicone Measuring Cups*2 ,  Silicone Molds*2 .

They are easy to use and can help you finish your resin art creation very well.
It is convenient to obtain materials, neatly placed, durable, and easy to carry. It is a good gift and for resin crafts lovers and a favorite choice.
Unlimited Creative Space- Great for friends interaction, parent-child time!

UV Resin and Light Kit