UV Resin Clear Crystal for Jewelry Making 120g

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Product Description

UV Resin Clear Crystal for Jewelry Making 120g

UV Resin Clear Crystal is a low viscosity hybrid photo-curing acrylic resin that produces a clear and colorless resin with a high gloss finish. This resin can be used in making jewelry, glass etching, stenciling and other craft projects. The resin is easy to use and will not yellow over time like some other resins do. It has a shelf life of one year when stored at room temperature in its original sealed bottle.

“UV Resin Clear Crystal” is a specialized type of ultraviolet-curable resin renowned for its exceptional transparency and crystal-clear finish after curing. This resin, when applied and exposed to UV light, rapidly solidifies, creating a clear and transparent structure.

The Characteristics of UV Resin Clear Crystal:

  1. Exceptional Transparency: Post-curing, this resin exhibits remarkable transparency, resembling a crystal-clear appearance, making it ideal for projects requiring high optical clarity.
  2. UV Curing Properties: Like other UV-curable resins, it swiftly solidifies when exposed to UV light, transitioning from a liquid or gel-like state to a solid, transparent substance.
  3. Versatile Applications: This clear UV resin finds extensive use in jewelry making, arts and crafts, model creation, decorative items, and other projects necessitating a transparent, clear finish.
  4. Swift Curing Time: It cures rapidly, typically within seconds to minutes, expediting production and crafting processes.
  • EASY TO USE: No need take long curing time and Mixing like AB Epoxy Resin, Our UV resin art can quick cure with UV light or Strong Sunlight in minutes.
  • VARIOUS VERSION: Few Sticky and Tacky issue,Extremely Clear and low Shrinkage, Yellowing Resistance and odorless.
  • WIDE USAGE: Our High Transparent UV resin can be used for resin jewelry making like earning and necklace, garment accessories, craft decorations, cast figurines, encapsulate objects etc. Do not make Large Project.
  • You Deserve It: Our clear uv glue is glass finished to prevent scratch and made of high-quality,environment friendly material that you can use it safe anytime.


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UV Resin Clear Crystal for Jewelry Making 120g 5
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